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How MBA at ISB teaches you to work better in Peer groups?

In continuation of what I learnt while doing my MBA in ISB - How to work better in Peer groups?

How MBA from ISB helped --- an example

My Take on how MBA from ISB has helped me in my current job

Some of the Questions Answered

While I have been posting the quintessential question of how an MBA helps, there have already been a few who have shared their perspective on the same.... So here is the take from my fellow CA + MBA friend. Enjoy

Life Beyond ISB

....the moment one decides to pursue an MBA, one starts to scout for data on who all have done this before .... and how useful it turns out to be. I remember having searched the net, the network (personal and professional) and everywhere else for this data......

As much as I was interested in reading about how to pursue this dream, I was equally (or more) interested in knowing what happened to all those brave souls who had already taken the plunge.... Does it really really pay to pursue an MBA (academically, professionally socially and monetarily).

Now that it has been more than 8 Months since I flung my graduation hat in the air, I think it has been a trip worthwhile.

First Things First :
Did I advance professionally by 5 Years by investing 1 Year at ISB? - Yes I surely did

Did my Pay Packet go up more than I had earnestly expected? - Yes it certainly did (in fact more than that) - maybe the fact that I was previously working with TCS might have skewed this data a bit :) - but that is besides the point

Was it worth the risk to take a professional break after 9 years of work experience, a settled married life, a kid etc etc? - Absolutely (BTW - My family enjoyed ISB far more than me)

Was ISB a good choice for me? - Again a Yes.

What would I change in this decision if I were allowed to change? - Mostly nothing, but maybe I could have done this a couple of years earlier

Now the difficult questions:
How has an MBA helped me in my career?
Do I do things any differently now than before at work?
Do I actually use any of my MBA gyaan in my current job?
...... stay tuned for that :)

ISB Interview Experience - Class of 2010

The following is the actual interview experience of an ISB aspirant
Date: 13-10-2008
Venue: Delhi
The questions were
  1. why MBA
  2. Why in the specific sector, or a specific profile
  3. Your interests and hobbies, what is that hobby or interest amongstall that you like most or are passionate about
  4. how would you manage an event, organize get funds.5
  5. As i had written i am a keen dramatist and a poet..they asked me torecite something which i did. basically they were just enjoying themselves..aisa laga maje le rahe hain..."haan toh bhaiya tumne yeh likhahai...chalo kuch pesh karo...kaafi thak gaye hain hum"...and then ustart of..beware if uv written a dance..mujhre se kam main kaam nahinchalega..
  6. Whats the biggest challenge that uv faced at work.
  7. finally ..do u want to ask something... .

The interview took less than 15 minutes.

All the best.


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